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21st Century Youth.. The Future of Humanity

21st Century Youth (21CY) was founded by Joseph Burton-Harris to help young people under 21yrs around the world make wiser choices around drugs, alcohol, driving and life.

21st Century Youth is the future of humanity whether we like it or not. To have a strong future, humanity must create a strong Youth. 21st Century Youth have more choice than any generation before them when it comes to Alcohol, Drugs, Food, Beverage…everything. This choice makes it harder to be wise. We need to keep communicating to Youth under 21 in interesting, entertaining ways, how to be wiser with their choices.”


21CY is about helping young people around the world value their lives first and foremost, then choose wisely to ensure their life is not short lived. A better future for 21CY is a young person who know’s who they are physically and mentally and what their unique body needs to stay healthy and happy… control’s their world by taking on the challenge themselves to live a healthy and happy life rather than wait to be told what to do… investigates the truth’s about Saying no to Drugs and Alcohol… resulting in wise choices for them… and wise choices for humanity.

A strong and healthy youth under 21yrs old
creates a strong and healthy future for humanity



Joseph Burton-Harris – 21CY Founder

Joseph Burton-Harris is a professional racing car driver born 21st June 1997 in Reading, England, raised in Australia since the age of 5, now living in Alabama, USA. A young man interested in futurism, humanism and philosophy, Joseph founded 21st Century Youth in order to contribute to humanities evolution towards a better future.

In 2013 a waterborne virus attacked my central nervous system and left my body in a state of shock. It forced me out of school and almost took away my racing career. Throughout my teenage-hood I have been in and out of hospitals/doctors surgeries endlessly and for the most part of 2014 I was bound to my house due to my body being in a constant state of panic. I’ve come to realize how fragile we humans are. Thanks to a few great doctors and Winston Churchill’s quote ‘If you’re going through hell just keep going’, I have got to the point where the virus is gone and now it is time for me to give back to humanity.

While sick in bed I tried to gain as much knowledge as I could on the human body, the connection to the mind and how we as young people can navigate through this really complicated 21st Century world we now live in. It may seem silly or ridiculous to many people but one of my biggest inspirations to make change came from a human by the name of Gene Roddenberry. His creation’ ‘Star Trek’ puts forward a vision of what humans are capable of and how humanity might exist in 300 years time. Yes it is fiction but a world without drugs and trying to respect all life as valuable seems like a really great goal for all of us 21CY today. 

I believe everyone needs a passion to live for and a purpose to contribute to the humanity we all belong to. My passion is my racing and entertaining the fans who choose Sport as their passion to keep themselves happy. My purpose is 21st Century Youth and communicating to as many young people as I can that their lives are so valuable…so important to humanity. Don’t wait for Adults to tell you what to do – Choose Wisely yourself. Choose life as the new popular. Not just your own lives but the lives of all 21CY. I believe we, 21CY, can make the biggest difference to our own future by trying to make wise choices around drugs, alcohol, driving and eating..

Just one 21CY death is one too many. If I can entertain 1 person. If I can affect one life it will all be worth it.”

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